Design Picko is One Man Design Army. He is always ready to fight for scale your business to the next level withTop notch UI UX designs

One-Man Design Army offers unlimited design for a small monthly fee with paid resources at no charge.

Our story

DesignPicko concept is Pick your unlimited Design from One Person designer. Design picko is an indivisible design agency.we believe that great design can make a difference in the world. We strive to create products and experiences that improve people’s lives. And we’re always looking for new ways to make a positive impact.We guide our clients through the design process, from start to finish. We help them choose the right colors, fonts, and layouts for their brand. We also help them with their branding strategy, so they can attract more customers and grow their business. Just as you can pick up seeds from any land same as that you can pick up designs from us that will act as seeds for your business and company growth.

How we thinking about brand, Design processe and strategy

Let’s talk about our branding strategy for example. We use Green, yellow ,black & white colors. Because We are focused on a growing business company with our design and client take it with 200% Happiness that’s why we use yellow. We like to achieve our client’s satisfaction with Happiness after delivery final design. One more thing we have black & white color Because we keep our professionalism with every new and potential client. And we can talk about why we use color, fonts, and layouts for your every design. It’s can help you to understand why design picko is best for your design partner

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Founder who provide design like one man army

Hey! I’m Ashikur Rahman, a UX/UI and Product Designer. I know how to assist your design organization in increasing revenue, earning more profit, conserving resources, and growing your business or company with top-quality design solutions.

What customers are saying about our designer

Providing quality work that my clients love. working with me is one of the best decisions for every clients.

Let’s Talk with Designer who provide services like growth seed for your next level business

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Don’t like fill up form ? Let’s Talk with call